"Each young person has a right to the promotion of his or her personal development and to an education targeting a responsible personality that is compatible with society“

(§ 1 Sec. 1 Code of Social Law VIII)


The goal of Open Door GmbH is a sustainable positive personal development of the young persons that are trusted to us. For this, we take into consideration and include all the resources available within our holistic approach. By  this, we intend to create a basis that allows them to lead a regular and independent life in the future.

  • When planning and realising the projects, we consider the individual personalities of the young people. Decisive are their personal characteristics, their strengths and problems, any problematic areas and their personal backgrounds.
  • The transparent and timely cooperation with the social workers at the responsible authorities is part of our policy, just like professionalism and timely actions of the educators on site, who are available around the clock.
  • Understandings and agreements between us and the involved institutions and persons are taken very seriously and are included in the decision-making processes. Deviations from the plans are made only by mutual consent and upon consultations.
  • Establishment and maintenance of sustainable long-term interpersonal relationships are of great importance for a successful project.
  • As a rule, the programme is designed long-term and the current situation of the young person is taken into consideration individually.
  • The young person lives in the home of the educator and its family day and night, in a form that is very similar to a regular family.
  • This combination of everyday life and educational and - if necessary - therapeutic measures will have a positive effect on his or her development and prepare him or her for a self-dependent life.

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