Education places

Open Door GmbH has education places, for example, in Brandenburg and abroad in Bulgaria, Ireland, Poland and Kyrgyzstan, with skilled educational staff and many years of professional experience. All education centres provide options for attending school or private tutoring and/or, as an alternative, training programmes for occupational training.

These are youth welfare programmes in accordance with § 34, 35, 35a and 41 in connection with § 27 Code of Social law VIII intended for children, adolescents and young adults with problems and rather obvious behavioural disorders.

When provided personal help and support in managing their everyday life by their educators, their long-term personal development will take a positive turn.

This individual educational programme is based on the experience that the ability to become a valuable member of a group develops only on the basis of secure relationships. In a rural and distant environment, these young people are given the opportunity by their educators to experience and internalise lasting relationships.

It is intended, at least partially, that school is attended too. In addition, there is private tutoring available in most German subjects to allow reintegration into a German school and to pass basic secondary examinations, regularly or as an external examinee.

As required and depending on the progress made, therapeutical measures are an option too.

The projects are scheduled for a duration of one year in order to lastingly change habitual and deep-rooted behaviours of the young people through stable relationships in an appropriate environment.

Especially in Kyrgyzstan, such educational programmes may be somewhat experimental because, in addition to managing the daily routines such as the common procurement and processing of food, cooking (there is no fast food available), doing the laundry, ironing, keep the house tidy, work in the woods and the garden, renovation work, work on the farm, etc., we organise seasonal activities such as kayaking, bathing, diving and fishing in remote lakes, trips in caves, glacier skiing, hiking in the mountains or at night, observe game, such as eagle, ibex, bear, fox, wolf, etc. All this can significantly contribute to discovering one's own strengths and so regain lost self-confidence.

Supervision sessions and consultation meetings are conducted regularly. Project management stays in close contact by telephone with the young people and their educators. Visits are made at least once in three months and more often, if necessary.