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Open Door GmbH searches foster parents for individual care

The Open Door GmbH is an independent German youth support organization with its registered office in Lauffen am Neckar, Germany.
Open Door offers professional fostering locations and family housing groups in Germany and foreign countries for young people since 2008 within the scope of §§34, 35, 35a and 41 in connection with §27 of the German Social Law Book.
The principal purpose of Open Door is the integration of young people in a better life field. This happens through the inclusion of all available resources for the purposes of a comprehensive approach. A base is thereby created which in future enables young people to lead a regular and independent life.
Currently the Open Door GmbH disposes of care places in Germany and abroad in Ireland, Bulgaria, Poland and Kirgizstan, with educational specialist staff and long-standing work experience.

  • Target groups are youngsters in heavy life situations, with traumatic experiences, heavy connection disturbances, children of parents with psychic or addiction illnesses.
  • For the care of youngsters we are looking for especially resilient, experienced and in this subject qualified pedagogues who can present themselves to look after children in their own household.

What do we expect from you?

A concluded, educational education as
Youth educator and home educator,
Educator / Youth care worker
Social education worker
Remedial pedagogue
or a comparable education with work experience.

  • You offer a family sphere which disposes of suitable spatial conditions for the caretaking of a child youngster in your household.
  • The surroundings are very straightforward and unirritating.
  • Based on your professional experience you can build up a relationship with behavioral-remarkable children, youngsters and their families. You are able to do this in an authentically and persuasive way.
  • You work independently, reliably and take pleasure in the work with youngsters.
  • You are ready to react in your everyday life adaptably to the demands in the work with children and youngsters.

What can you expect from us?

  • Regular visits and intensive support by our coordinator´s team.
  • Supervision
  • An adequate pay as well as project-related material costs on freelance base.

If we have piqued your interest, please send an application to:

Open Door GmbH
Individual- und Gruppenpädagogische Jugendhilfe
Schillerstrasse 98
74348 Lauffen

Or just send an email:
For further inquiries call us under the central mobile phone number: 0049-171-7256421